IZA is pleased to announce the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Sector Roadmap for the Zinc Industry. This project initiated in 2019, highlights potential contributions of the Zinc sector in achieving the UN SDG’s as explains Andrew Green, Executive Director IZA : “The SDG Roadmap aims to demonstrate how the zinc industry, particularly at the sector level, as well as through individual member company activities, can maximize contribution to the SDGs. This can be done through leveraging Impact Opportunities to support realization of the SDGs either through minimizing activities that have negative impacts, or through scaling up activities that have a positive impact.”

To develop the SDG Sector Roadmap, IZA worked in partnership with ERM, a Sustainable Development consultancy, and brought together representatives from across the zinc sector to reflect on where greatest potential lies for them to contribute to the SDGs. In this exercise, IZA could count on the participation of its company members that have demonstrated numerous case studies where the Zinc industry is already actively contributing to SDG’s.

The design of this report is based on specific framework outlined in the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) SDG Sector Roadmap Guidelines. The participating companies agreed on several factors such as prioritizing SDGs throughout the zinc value chain, selecting areas in which the sector has the greatest SDG impact opportunities, and identifying tangible actions to be taken moving forward to achieve significant SDG impact.

The results identified 10 priority SDGs that are grouped in four themes:

  • Theme 1: Health and wellbeing
  • Theme 2: Energy efficiency and Climate
  • Theme 3: Operational impacts to people and the Environment
  • Theme 4: Sustainable cities, and Circular Economy

Through this roadmap report, IZA commits to promote and further concrete actions through its work programs, identifying key metrics and indicators to track sector progress, and encouraging peers to leverage this Roadmap to drive action and enhance engagement with stakeholders.


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