Over 125 delegates from 32 different countries and over 60 companies attended IZA’s third annual Zinc Conference – Europe this year in Plovdiv, Bulgaria from 15th to 17th May. IZA member company: KCM 2000 Group hosted the event.

Presentations were given by experts representing all areas of the zinc industry and covered a broad range of topics, including new technological developments, responsible sourcing, and regulations. Presentations on zinc market outlook were given by Andrew Thomas (Wood MacKenzie), Duncan Hobbs (Concord Resources), and Helen O’Cleary (CRU).  IZA Executive Director Andrew Green agreed with the overall positive outlook for zinc and stated: “The zinc market remains strong with good fundamentals. Globally, zinc demand is growing, with the key sectors of automotive and infrastructure having strong growth, especially in China and India.”

KCM 2000 Group committed to sustainable development

At the conference, representatives from KCM highlighted their company’s multiple sustainable development initiatives. The company organized a tour of its Plovidv facilities for attendees, where they could see firsthand KCM’s sustainable processing methods and ways in which it contributes to a circular economy. KCM produces SHG (special high grade) zinc from ore concentrates and from secondary raw materials. SHG zinc contains up to 30% of recycled content.

The technology used involves the so-called Waelzprocess, concentrating zinc from zinc leach residues and from electric arc furnace dust (EAF dust, a zinc-rich dust occurring in recycling galvanized steel) for subsequent zinc recovery in the electrolysis plant.

Additionally, KCM includes staff well-being as an integral part of its sustainable practices. The company has effectively implemented a Health Management System in an effort to ensure good health for all employees. A major component of this system is the “Health For All” Program, which works to promote healthy lifestyle tactics. Employees are entitled to spend one working week every year in KCM’s Rehabilitation Center in the Rhodope Mountains to rejuvenate and participate in wellness activities.

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